Thursday, May 26, 2016

Adventure to Wiener Dog Races in Buda, Texas. then home - Day 6

Day 6
First stop Texas State Capitol - Heading back home

A Drive that should have taken us no more than 48 minutes from the Hotel to the Texas State Capitol, turned into a long drive. We had GPS Problems.  It all began with mom missing the stop for Starbucks in town. We figured there are lots of them we will just find a Starbucks along the way. Well we had a hard time finding one, Go figure. Dads iPhone was no help. Mom pulled over and used Google maps and finally found one.  After getting dad coffee we mapped or route again to the State Capitol. Well the GPS got the crazy Idea of sending us on the Toll Roads. We tried to reset the directions with no toll roads. But with no luck. So we took to the side streets. In the process of playing with the maps Mom somehow mapped us to a warehouse somewhere. So she tried again, and finally remapped us in the right direction, and we made it to the Texas State Capitol.

Some Photos from along the way....

Every thing is

 bigger in Texas

Ezri Trying to get 

into the front seat.

She even tried giving hugs.

From there we Headed off to Roswell New Mexico 
499 Miles 7 hours and 38 min.

UFO Museum Roswell New Mexico. The Aliens have landed. — at International UFO Museum & Research Center.

Mila don't Move.... 

I think 

there are 

Aliens behind us

and they are 


watching us!!!!

Dad says they are Fake.  Fewww!

Some Movies and shows that were filmed in Roswell. 

we should do a 
Wiener Dogs Intergalactic

If you get to visit this place make sure you get to check out the Gift shop. 
They gave us Cookies and our very own Aliens to take home. 

On to our hotel and Santa Fe New Mexico

Garrett's Desert Inn Motel 

on Rt 66 Santa Fe

311 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 8750

So Until tomorrow.......

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