Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Adventure on our Road Trip to Wiener Dog Races in Buda, TX - Day 1

Buda Trip on Roadtrippers

Mom & Dad Rented a Nissan Rogue for this trip.

Getting ready for our Trip. Here we are getting our Baths, so we can put on our flea and Tick repellent.  Hurry up mom!! I still need to Pack. 

DAY 1 - Wed, 20 Apr.

We Left from San Diego at 4:30 am heading to Tombstone
480 Miles - 7h 32m

Did I ever tell you... I hate driving! 

Ezri just Loves it, she thinks it is a blast. She usually insists on riding in dad’s lap. I will just sit here in my car seat. I'm Good :(

First Rest stop, Pinal County Arizona 5 hours and 10 min into our trip. We are 367 miles from home. -  Wow! it is dry out here!

We met a nice Cowboy at the Old Tombstone Western Town ...

A gun fight ensued, so we went to the courthouse, to report the ruckus!

Then headed out of town

We Met some Bears at 
Bowlin’s Continental Divide store

Dad was very interested in the Fire works.
I don't care for them myself.

Best Western Mission 
1765 S Main St Las Cruces 
New Mexico 88005-3116

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.....

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  1. I Will be reading & driving same road this Summer toward San Diego. How fun! Thank you.