Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Adventure to Wiener Dog Races in Buda, Texas. then home - Day 9 & 10

Adventure to Wiener Dog Races in Buda, Texas. then home - Day 9 & 10
Devils Bridge To London Bridge

Walking on the Main
trail used by
4-wheal vehicles.

Ezri kept wanting to see if
there were critters off the trail

  and she ended up with a
cactus quill
  in her face.
It did not seem to faze her.
 Mom pulled it
out and she
right back to trying
 to sniff
the cactus.


Looking up from underneath.

Photo Op -
did not have to climb

this to get there.


We had to climb this. It was a
little steep and mom gave me
a lift once and awhile
but it was fun!

It is described as extreme vertical steepness hushed the exhausted tourists. The final portion of this actual trail is equivalent to climbing about 50 flights of stairs. In fact, much of the latter part of the trail was flat red rocks very similar to that of a winding staircase.

Dad on Bridge

Here we are with Mom on the Bridge.
Mom had to hold back silly Ezri she wanted to take
a look over the edge

We Hiked in on the dry creek for the 4 wheel drive vehicles.  So we decided to hike out on the Chuck Wagon Trail as an Alternate Route  from Devil’s Bridge. It was a lot longer than we thought and mom was sure we were lost.

When we finally made it back to our car it was
 on to the Grand Canyon

The Weather took a turn ......

On our drive up to the Grand Canyon Mom texted this picture to Christa.
It is snowing!

Being San Diegans and all we had never experienced snow. A fact a little kid pointed out to us who commented on the clothing we were wearing. He was from Back East.

Our Gear

No View

So we decided to go for hot chocolate.
Saw this statue on the way
after the hot chocolate
we decided to drive along the canyon rim.
Mom decide to take one more look ....

The sun finally brook through
It was still cold!

Mom Got some good pictures!

the reason he is giving us this look is because Ezri is loudly barking at her.
On the way out of The Grand Canyon we spotted some Elk

We stayed for the night at a route 66 motel

We decided to drive route 66 on our way to London Bridge Hoping to catch a few sights along the way.........

the first stop was supposed to be The Caverns Inn .There was also going to be a cute town and mom wanted to checkout the  hotel in a cave.

But all the things that were to be right along our route were elusive. This part of the trip Mom did not plan very well.

We ended up in Peach Spring at a rest stop and then pressed on.

We were suppose to see the sky bridge over the grand canyon but the map seemed to just lead us to nowhere.  The Cell Service also was intermittent at best. So with no specific directions we were flying blind.

 When we arrived at Dolan Springs we found a route to take us there.
Then Dad found out it was another 2 hours away and we would not be able to go out on the bridge together so we ditched that idea.

 we pressed on to London Bridge.

 I guess Mom will have to map it better next time.

This was the standard view on our route 66 drive.

We finally made it to London Bridge and boy was it hot. The canal was lined with boats with people juts hanging out. Kind of like the beach but with boats. 

    We left London Bridge and headed off again towards home.

Getting tired, on a lone road through empty farms, mom spots a little store
Mac's Bait and General Store 80 Ben Hulse Hwy, Palo Verde, CA 92266

 So we made a stop along our road in the middle of nowhere.
Mom went in and bought an energy drink and used the restroom. When she comes out she finds dad handing out pawdagraps and telling stories of the movie and our trip to about 5 people. I guess there are dachshund fans everywhere.

Well we got back on the road and came across these giant sand dunes.

Here is an Aerial view.

I never knew this was out there.  

Well other than that, that is the end of my story 

.... So on to my next adventure.