Monday, December 23, 2013

The Making of a tablue of the Nativity.

I started by making a holder for my cell phone out of and old car cell phone holder and attaching it to a tripod. I know you can buy these I just already had the parts.

First I started by taking individual shots. I figured it would be easier because I was working by myself.

I started with Biscuit because I figured if I could not get a good shot of him I may not have a photo. He is older (17) and can not sit up so I made a bed roll he could lean on. I figured it looked like a traveler pack.

This is a compost of  Biscuit photos made buy Google plus....

these are the individuals

here are other shots I took of Ezri


This is a compost of  Mila's photos made buy Google plus.

Group shots...... My husband came in to work the camera.  But you can see they are all getting tired

These are the shots I ultimately chose to use.

Which then became this  .... I had to do the most touch up on Biscuit to make him work in the picture.

I knew the back ground would not work for a manger seen so I ultimately cut the background out.

I tried adding stable scenes to the background but none of them worked well, so I took hay from one picture and the backdrop from an old wall and added the light flairs to look like a star shinning down and the glory showing around them.


I hope you have enjoyed the behind the scenes look at my Dogs interpretation of a nativity scene. Some people may see this as sacrilegious. but it is not meant that way. None of us is worthy to play the holy Family and I though this artistic interpretive tableau of the  nativity with my palette being the dogs. would bring a smile to your face as you are trying to prepare for Christmas.