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Upcoming San Diego Dog Friendly Events

Here's a list of just some of San Diego's spring dog events!

 2nd Annual Doggie Street Festival - Point Loma
Sunday February 28th -

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Liberty Station, Point Loma – CA 92106
on Cushing Road between Dewey Road
and Roosevelt Road
(the new area of the park)
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Dogs Welcome

It’s FREE!
This annual county-wide pet celebration hosts free of charge, breed specific rescue groups and shelters with their adoptable dogs. Don’t miss the fun, entertainment, good eats, valuable pet information, products, services, special guests and much, much more!!! You might even find your new best furry friend.

Doggie Street Festival Mission:

The Doggie Street Festival is dedicated to increasing pet adoption through its yearly Festival. This Festival is designed to be an informative experience that promotes public awareness, education and information focused on the solutions of pet homelessness.
The Festival spotlights San Diego County’s breed-specific rescue groups and shelters and to that extent, hosts these organizations county-wide with their adoptable dogs providing them a platform free of charge to distribute literature, advocate and encourage responsible pet-adoption.
The Doggie Street Festival is also committed to presenting special educational events and projects throughout the year that will inform and educate the public on a range of ways to become more involved in positive change in an effort to encourage public participation to end pet homelessness in our communities.
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Sunday March 7th - 
15th Annual Del Mar Kiwanis Ugly Dog Contest

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When:  March 7th, 2010 Rain or Shine!
Check in: 10:00 AM
Event Begins:  11:00-3:00 PM
Register:  online by Clicking Here.
Where: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Paddock Area
2250 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014
Why:  A doggie pagent like none other, with the following categories of contestants: Ugliest Dog • Best St. Patty’s Day Costume • Adult’s Cutest Dog • Child’s Cutest Dog • Dog Who Looks Most Like its Owner • Best Trick • Cutest Puppy • Most Unusual Markings • Best Costume (adult) • Best Costume (child) • Best Mutt • Most Beautiful • Most Handsome Male


Sunday March 14th - Paws in the Park - Solana Beach
Sunday, March 14 11:00 – 3:00 pm
La Colonia Park
The event is FREE!


 Sunday March 28th - Paws in the Park - Escondido

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A walk for the Escondido Humane Society Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ Kit Carson Park, Escondido, CA.
The goal of this great event is to raise awareness and funding for animals in need while celebrating those special pets in our lives. The event is called “Paws in the Park” and will be happening on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at Kit Carson Park in Escondido. Paws in the Park helps the Escondido Humane Society care for more than 4,000 animals a year and protect 155,000 more, and they NEED YOUR HELP. Every dollar raised at Paws in the Park will be transformed into safe shelter, healthy food, medical care, rehabilitation, and new, loving homes.
As an open-door shelter, the Escondido Humane Society welcomes all homeless animals in the Escondido area, no matter their age, health, or intensive needs. Every day, for every one of these animals, they are faithfully devoted to providing them with safe shelter, medical care, love and new homes … every animal deserves a second chance.
EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: Paw Vendor Expo, entertainment, food, games, and contests for your entire family, including a “K-9’s Got Talent” show and Wet T-shirt Contest (don’t worry, it’s for the dogs!)
QUESTIONS? Call (760) 888-2235
More info available at


Saturday April 10th - WOOFSTOCK - Balboa Park

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WOOFSTOCK: A Festival for Dogs & People
Saturday, April 10, 2010, 10:00AM – 3:00PM
Everyone (and their dog) is invited!

Join the Canine Companions for Independence at the corner of Park Blvd & Presidents Way in San Diego
on April 10 for a groovy day for the family and Fido!
General admission is only $5 and parking is FREE!
All proceeds benefit Canine Companions for Independence.

There will be live music, munchies, and shopping for unique pet products. Watch exciting demonstrations of Disc Dogs, Flyball, and Canine Freestyle. See working dogs in action. Let your pooch play at the K9 Playground! Wear your 60’s threads to compete in the Grooviest 60’s Costume contest, and fish for prizes in the fun zone for kids. Check out the fun pet products in the silent auction!

Register for the Peace, Love, and Walk ‘n Roll fun dog walk (approx. 1.3 miles) to benefit Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). CCI is a national non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. Walk registration fee ($35 adult, $15 child, $60 family) includes a cool WOOFSTOCK tie dye t-shirt, free Festival admission and a sWAG bag filled with great surprises! The walk precedes the WOOFSTOCK Festival and begins at 9:00AM. Please register by March 15 to guarantee t-shirt availability.
Walk registrants have the opportunity to raise funds for CCI, and exciting gifts will be rewarded based on the donations collected. The top fundraiser will receive a beautiful portrait of their dog by artist Deirdre O’Byrne, along with a copy of “A Big Little Life” signed by Dean Koontz!
NEW! WOOFSTOCK walk registration qualifies you for a free pass to Disneyland®!: First, visit the Give a Day. Get a Disney Day. website and search for the “Walk to Benefit Canine Companions at WOOFSTOCK Festival” in the 92101 zipcode. Click the button to express your interest in this volunteer activity, and then follow the instructions to register for the walk and receive your free theme park ticket!

* K-9 Playground * Flyball * Disc Dogs * Canine Freestyle * Unique Pet Products * Silent Auction * Kids Fun Zone * Best Trick Contest * Best 60’s Costume Contest * Biggest Paw & Smallest Paw Contests * 60's Music * Great Food * Fabulous Shopping * and MORE!


5th Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition!

Saturday, May 22, 2010
Imperial Beach Dog Beach
Imperial Beach, CA

See Spot surf during the Loews Dog Surfing Competition – the nation’s original surfing competition for man’s best friend. More than 50 canine counterparts from across the U.S. will hang 10 (errr, 20) for a great cause..

Schedule:10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Optional practice session for registered dogs
11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Division One: Small Surf Dogs (40 pounds and under)
11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Division Two: Large Surf Dogs (41 pounds and over)
12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Division Three: Tandem Surfing for Surf Dogs & Humans
1:15 p.m. Awards' Ceremony

Judging Process:Each division will be divided into 10-minute heats where your dog will compete with up to five other dogs. Each competitor will be allowed to catch as many waves as they can during each heat. The top two scores will be added to determine each competitor’s final score.

Judges are looking for confidence level, length of ride and overall ability to “grip it and rip it.” Judging will be conducted by Teevan McManus, Owner of Coronado Surfing Academy; Mayor Jim Janney, Mayor of Imperial Beach; and Kathleen Cochran, General Manager of Loews Coronado Bay Resort.

Prizes:If your dog’s a surfing champion, you’ll score a ton of great prizes, including the ultimate pet vacation at Loews Coronado Bay Resort … and endless bragging rights.

Competition Fees: $50 for Divisions One or Two, $55 for Division Three (if registered by May 20). Fees also include a competition medal and a great goody bag filled with treats. All proceeds will benefit the resort’s non-profit partner. General admission is free.

Registration:Please click here to register online. If you have any additional questions, please call 619-424-4416.

“Smile... You're On Canine Camera” Video Contest:
Create a video about the 5th annual Loews Surf Dog Competition and you could win an exclusive getaway to Loews Coronado Bay Resort! Winning videos will be posted on our Web site after the event.


Help Protect Fiesta Island

Fiesta Island Dog Owners

FIDO is a project of a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation
and contributions are tax deductible according to law

Our mission is to preserve the Fiesta Island Leash-free Recreational Area. We are a community based organization with over 3600 members which is rapidly growing. We are a diverse group of citizens who share a common passion and vision for Fiesta Island. We are the largest user group of Fiesta Island and unlike other user groups, we use the island 365 days a year, rain or shine. FIDO has a board of 11 members who are working hard with the city to find a reasonable solution that meets the needs of 'all' Fiesta Island Users.

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Foods and Plants that are Poisonous to Dogs

The prospective dog owner plans ahead for their new dog. The seasoned dog owner knows that not everything can be planned for. But it is possible to plan ahead for a very serious and common emergency - poisonous hazards for dogs.

There are many toxic foods and plants for dogs. All of the toxins that affect dogs are too numerous to mention in an article so it is best to research anything you aren't sure about. Ask your vet or check with an animal organization like the ASPCA.

Some Inside Plants Poisonous to Dogs

    * Aloe Vera
    * Caladium
    * Chrysanthemum
    * Dumbcane
    * Elephant's Ear
    * Emerald Fern
    * Hyacinth
    * Philodendron
    * Weeping Fig
    * Yew

Some Outside Plants Poisonous to Dogs

    * Azaleas
    * Daffodils
    * Foxglove
    * Ivy
    * Morning Glory
    * Nightshade
    * Oak
    * Green Potato
    * Rhododendrum
    * Wisteria

Human Foods That Poison Pets

    * Avocado: All parts are toxic to dogs
    * Chocolate: Contains Theobromine, a cardiac stimulant which can be fatal to dogs
    * Fruit Pits and Seeds: Most contain cyanide
    * Garlic: Contains Thiosulphate, though a small amount, so a lot would have to be ingested to be toxic. Keep in mind, it builds up in the system
    * Grapes: Affects a dog's kidneys
    * Macadamia Nuts: Affects the nervous system
    * Mushrooms: Affect the nervous system, kidneys and heart
    * Nutmeg: Can cause seizures and central nervous system damage
    * Onions: Contains same toxin as garlic, though in much larger amounts
    * Raisins: Same as grapes
    * Sugar-Free Foods: These contain Xylitol, which can cause liver failure in dog
    * Tomatoes, Potatoes and Rhubarb: Parts of these contain oxalates, which can be toxic to dogs

Holiday Hazards For Dogs

The holidays are a very hectic time for dogs and dog owners alike and it's easy to miss some of the plants and foods poisonous to dogs specific to that time.

    * Christmas: Many of the plants used for Christmas decorating are toxic to dogs, including Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettias. It's best to find safe substitutes.
    * Easter: Lilies are highly toxic to dogs, as are Tulips.
    * Fourth of July: Alcohol can be toxic to dogs so during your BBQs, do keep the beer to yourself.
    * Halloween: We all know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs but excessive sugar from any source can be as well.
    * Thanksgiving: Trim that turkey well and keep the gravy for the humans. Too much fat intake, especially over a short period of time, can be toxic.

General Signs Of Poisoning

Though there can be signs that are specific to each toxin, the most common are:

    * Abdominal Pain (your dog may whine and his stomach will be tender to the touch)
    * Coma
    * Convulsions
    * Diarrhea
    * Drooling
    * Irregular Heartbeat
    * Labored Breathing
    * Lethargy
    * Swollen Limbs
    * Vomiting

Immediate Treatment of a Poisoned Pet

If your dog is exhibiting any of these symptoms or even if you just suspect he ingested something toxic, call a pet poison hotline such as the ASPCA (1-888-426-4435) or the Pet Poison Hotline (1-800-213-6180). Your local ASPCA might also have a hotline.

If possible, have someone simultaneously call your vet or the emergency vet. They can tell you what to do immediately and prepare for your immediate arrival.

There are home remedies out there such as charcoal and sodium sulphate but it is best to get professional advice before administering these.

An Ounce Of Prevention

Clean House: The first thing to do is take an inventory of all plants in your house. Remove all plants that you know are hazards for dogs as well as those that you aren't sure about. Also, check your cupboards for toxic foods and place them high up with the cupboard securely closed.

Keep a List and Check It Often: Keep a list of toxic foods and plants for dogs. Be sure to check back regularly with your vet and online sources for the most up-to-date information. Some good resources are the ASPCA, the FDA, and the Humane Society. Also, keep a list of a pet poison hotline, you vet's number and an emergency vet number by the phone at all times.

A Dog-Safe Home: It can seem daunting when you consider how many food and plant items can be hazards for dogs but with a little preparation and diligence, you can have a dog-safe house, inside and out.

Garlic & Onion: causes anemia

Though treated as a health food and often taken in supplement form by humans, garlic (along with its alliaceae cousins onions and leeks) is toxic-sometimes deadly-for pets, with reactions ranging from stomach damage to acute dermatitis to asthmatic attacks. Pets By Nature reports the story of a Pennsylvania woman who lost her Newfoundland to garlic poisoning: “Within two weeks of feeding a popular garlic supplement available at most pet stores and over the Internet, her Newfoundland developed a bleeding ulcer and perforated intestine.” The dog did not survive.

Grapes & Raisins:– kidney failure While not as toxic as members of the onion family, consumption of grapes and raisins can cause vomiting, dehydration and, in large quantities, kidney failure. The exact toxin present in grapes is not known, but scientists have established that both commercially and privately cultivated grapes, as well as raisins, present a risk.

Avocado: (fruit, pit, and plant) – toxic, causes breathing difficulties and pancreatitis.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark contain a toxic substance called Persin, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal unpleasantness in dogs. While a medium-sized dog would have to consume a substantial quantity of avocado (picture a big bowl of guacamole) to become seriously ill, even a little bit is enough to cause an upset tummy.

Macadamia Nuts: Not widely consumed outside of Hawaii, macadamia nuts pose a stealth risk to canine health. The nuts can cause macadamia nut toxicosis, resulting in soreness, stiffness, and listlessness, according to Working Dog Magazine. The condition usually passes in 48 hours, but can lead to shock in severe cases.

Nutmeg: causes seizures, tremors and death

This popular spice, commonly used to season cakes, vegetables and even lasagna, should never be found on your dog’s dinner plate. Nutmeg, which has mild hallucinogenic properties, can cause seizures, tremors, central nervous system problems in dogs. In severe cases, shock and death have been reported.

Tomatoes – “tremors and heart arrhythmias”
Caffeine – causes “vomiting, restlessness, heart palpitations” and death
Diet products – drop in blood sugar
Macadamia nuts – muscle tremor, weakness and paralysis
Walnuts - poisonous
Fruit pips, seeds – poisonous since it contains cyanide
Salt – dog may develop bloating due to too much drinking
Ham and bacon – pancreatitis
Liver (raw or uncooked)- Vitamin A deficiency
Wild mushrooms – poisonous causing liver and kidney damage other
abdominal discomfort and death
Raw egg whites – biotin depletion
Cooked bones – Destroy dogs internal organs
Vegetables – Dogs cannot digest vegetables
Dairy food - pancreatitis, gas and diarrhea


Chocolate - seizures, coma and death
Fatty foods – pancreatitis
Grapes – poisonous, acute kidney failure
Cocoa Mulch - seizures, coma and death (like chocolate)
Turkey – causes pancreatitis

Source:,-Nuts,-and-Your-Dogs-Health----Food s-that-Fido-should-Avoid&id=20315

Alcoholic drinks – coma and death
Baby food – toxic, result to nutritional deficiencies
Fish and Poultry Bones – causes laceration of digestive system
Cat Food - high in fat, causes pancreatitis
Citrus oil extracts – vomiting
Hops – seizures and deaths
Marijuana – depression and heart rate changes
Mushrooms – toxic, causes shock and death
Persimmons – “intestinal obstruction and enteritis”
Tobacco – causes heart rate changes and death
Yeast dough - rupture to the stomach or intestines


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Calling All “Hot” Dogs for Wiener Nationals Race July 10, 2010

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Sponsored by Wienerschnitzel, the Wiener Nationals are held annually at Los Alamitos Race Course, and are open to owners of Dachshunds who can put in an application with hopes that their prized pet will be selected to enter.
The 15th annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals at Los Alamitos Race Course on July 10, 2010,  is a 50-yard dash for Dachshunds. Believe it or not over 13,000 fans attended the event last year, held between normal course horse races. In 2009  Presley took home the title and over $1000 in winnings with a speed of 6.8 seconds.  Yep, it goes fast.
If you have a Dachshund and want to enter the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals at Los Alamitos Race Course, write a story and tell why your Wiener Dog should be in the Wiener Nationals. Please make the letter as creative as possible because creativity, rather than speed, counts. You can send a drawing; poem; essay; funny photo; link to Facebook page, MySpace page; YouTube video, DVD or VHS tape or whatever you come up with (entries returned at your request.) For more information, please call 714-820-2690.
All letters must be received by May 25, 2010 to be considered, and must include your phone number and photograph of your dachshund.  Send to: Orlando Gutierrez, Publicity Department, Los Alamitos Race Course, 4961 Katella Ave. Los Alamitos, CA. 90720. You can also email your entry to:
Only 98 dogs will be selected to compete in a total of 12 trials with winner, or wiener, of each trial advancing to the Wienerschnitzel Wiener National at Los Alamitos Final.  There’s no fee to enter - in fact your doggie will win $100 if he/she comes in first place in one of the trials and an additional $900 if he/she wins the championship race.
All of the trials, and the final, will take place Saturday, July 10, 2010 at Los Alamitos. The trials will begin at approximately 6:15 p.m. and the final will be held at about 9:30 p.m.
Wienerschnitzel will continue to sponsor the event for the 14th straight year and the 2010 running is expected to be bigger and better than ever. The races are held to raise funds for the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, a non-kill shelter that was established with the goal of finding homes for abandoned animals in the Orange County area. The 2009 dog races raised roughly $15,000.
There are wiener dog races held in various locations in California, including races held monthly during the summer at Old World Village in Huntington Beach.