Friday, July 22, 2011

Mila made it to the top 10 finalists in her size category!

Admittedly getting dressed up is not my favorite pastime. I would much prefer lure coursing, earth dog, and dachshund racing, not in that particular order, but I like to pose for the camera and I like to do tricks. My mom said I've got a pretty face and I think I would be a great spokes dog for LuvGear clothing. It is great to wear when you go for a walk. Not only does it keep your fur clean. It tells our moms and dads when we get too hot; the indicator on the outfit tells you. This is great because you know down at my level it can easily be many degrees hotter than it is for our mom or dads when were walking.

So Please Vote For Me !!!!   So I can be the doggy spokes and clothing model for Small Breed- LuvGear

Please Vote For Me !!!!
 I am currently in 3rd please help.

Vote for Mila here:

Dogs can’t sweat easily and cool down quickly in hot weather. This is why LuvGear is promoting their TempAlert technology that alerts dog owners to help prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke. French Bulldogs are prone to over heating and extra care needs to be taken to keep this breed cool in warm weather. For that reason, we think Quigley would be the perfect spokesmodel for this particular product. The voting period ends Monday, July 25th, so don’t wait and vote for Quigley today!

The dog with the most votes in each category will be crowned LuvGear’s top dog.
  • Prizes: The Winner Gets Braggin’ rights - plus, the winning dog from each category gets the following:
    • One-on-one face time with lifestyle pet photographer Seth Casteel, owner of Little Friends photography.
    • The select photo will grace the covers of a nationwide promotion for Planet PETCO™ with LuvGear™ Technology. 
    • Nationwide promotion as LuvGear’s top dog for Planet PETCO™ with LuvGear™ Technology.
    • Planet PETCO™ with LuvGear™ Technology gift package.

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