Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Animal Hart with KT Hart


Hooray! Animal Hart with KT Hart just launched their project, Animal Hart with KT Hart.

Animal Hart with KT Hart

Animal Hart with KT Hart

by Animal Hart with KT Hart

a Television series featuring engaging and Hart-warming stories about animals and our connection to them.

60 days
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KT Hart— A former Pro-Wrestler, Hollywood Animal Trainer for Film & Television, Behaviorist, Communicator, and Mother of four (4)
Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Innovative New Animal Series—
Animal Hart with KT Hart
Through the eyes of the animals, each week, Animal Hart with KT Hart passionately takes the audience on a fun, thought provoking journey to explore and spotlight the connection between animals, humans and the environment!

To preview this exciting new Kickstarter campaign please go to;
The Kickstarter campaign commences August 4th 2014 and will last for 60 days.

The series…
This series will connect people with animals and in doing so; allow them to improve the quality and depth of their relationships by,
  • Sharing of stories of real people and how animals have impacted and dramatically changed lives.
  • A look at threatened and endangered species from around the world, how it affects the entire planet and what you can do to change it.
  • Along with an in-home segment that will incorporate the whole family and help them to connect more fully with one another and their pets, through better understanding, project, training and events.
About KT Hart
KT Hart is an animal trainer, behaviorist and communicator. She is the founder and former owner of Hollywood Animal Stars and has trained and worked with a wide variety of animals for film and television from dogs, cats and horses to exotic animals. She has four daughters who share in her love for animals. Hart is also a well-known professional wrestler and has appeared on countless television programs around the world. She can still be heard on radio call in shows, answering questions from her faithful fans.

KT had a connection to animals early in life and it wasn’t until the age of eight that she realized not everyone else had the same ability. Hart later took a birds of prey class where she worked with a wide variety of wildlife including a coyote named Otie who changed her life through the bond they shared. After showing horses and dogs and dabbling in herding, Hart attended a dog training institute and became a professional dog trainer. Eventually, Hart founded Hollywood Animal Stars, working on numerous commercials for Disney, Kodak, Hoover, Dole, Acura, Hasbro, Walgreens and such television shows and movies as Murder She Wrote, Dark Angel, Mr. Belvedere, Homeward Bound and Iron Will—to name a few.

“I have been around and worked with animals my entire life and it is always so joyful to witness how an animal just lifts the spirits of everyone in a room,” said KT Hart, host of Animal Hart with KT Hart. “I really wanted to harness that joy and put a well-deserved spotlight on it because I feel more television shows should bring that kind of happiness and sense of connection to families.”
KT is dedicated to spreading awareness about the connection between human beings, animals and the environment

Come join us…….

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