Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Craft Projects.

I had to share a few of the projects I created from photos of
 “Wiener Dog Nationals” 

I hope you enjoy. 
The first is a Purse I created for Caitlin Carmichael - this purse features photos from the Movie Wiener Dog Nationals of Caitlin and Mila Miesner. The Charm hanging from the handle has a Wiener Dog, a Dog Bone and a tea pot. 

More still pictures can be seen here


The other is a coffee mug I created for my Husband for work. 

Mila is a celebrity there. 

Here is a dress I created for the Red Carpet but Mila never got to wear it because she went to the event wearing a "Downunder Dog Designs" originals design for the Movie's Tea party scene. 

I probably should not be showing it because Mila could wear it too another event but I can’t keep it under wraps any longer.

Doesn’t it look like her fir has diamonds?

I even made the Hat with Felt and Glue then personalized the headband with her name.


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    1. sorry I did not see this message till now. If you still want it I can be reached at