Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Academy Award wieners - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 - cbs8.com

Academy Award wieners - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 - cbs8.com

San Diego Racing Dachshunds Can Not Only Bring It On The Field,
But Also Are Stars In A New Movie.
Winner of the San Diego Dachshund Races, Reggie Racer and a long time local favorite Mila Miesner to Star in a Newport Beach Film Festival Movie showing of “Wiener Dog Nationals”. This fun Family movie all will want to see, is debuting to sold-out theater crowds. The Wiener Dog National Movie was the first Movie to sell out its showing at the Newport Beach Film Festival, so another viewing was scheduled. This time NBF chose a larger venue for the second movies showing, which in turn also sold out quickly. So a Third show was also added.

This Movie has such Celebs as: Morgan Fairchild, Jason London, Alicia Witt, Bryan Batt, Austin Anderson, Caitlin Carmichael and Julian Feder 

If you want to get in on more showing of this great film here is a link to the movies facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wiener-Dog-Nationals-Movie/180220868662409?fref=ts

You can also find many of the Stars and dog Stars of the movies on their fan pages at:
Mila Miesner, Gracie Roche, Milo Ortez-Tibbels - Shelly, Reggie Racer – Crusher, Bruiser Crosthwaite – Handshake, Lana LaVigne – Princess (as Lana) or look them up on IMDB.

Wiener Dog Nationals

Director: Kevan Peterson       Dog Trainer: KT Hart

A little boy (Julian Feder) and his family adopt a runt of a dachshund from a shelter and name her "Shelly," in honor of shelter dogs everywhere. Despite all odds, the dog surprises the boy's father (Jason London) when it places in the state trials of the illustrious Wiener Dog Nationals Race. The family pulls all of its resources to advance to the next round only to face strong opposition from the reigning champion dog, Princess and her owner Ms. Merryweather (Morgan Fairchild). Meanwhile, Melanie (Alicia Witt), one of the racing judges, is banned from the races by the head Judge (Bryan Batt) when shetries to help the family prove that Ms. Merryweather is cheating. Relying only on the dog's skill and her young owner's Passion for the race, little Shelly and her new family must face the challenge of advancing through the cut throat world of the nation's greatest wiener dog race, Wienerschnitzel's "Wiener Dog Nationals."

One Race, One Nation, One Wiener!

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