Sunday, July 11, 2010


The day started out as a normal one. Though it had an air of excitement, for today was the Wiener Nationals at Los Alamitos. We  packed up the car with all the stuff we thought we would need. I had to sit in the way-back because my brother and sister were coming with me to the race, to cheer me on and take pictures. 

Ugh! We had an hour and half drive ahead of us. I hate driving in the car.  So I figured I should try to close my eyes and nap.

When we finally got to the race track, we found our group some seats and got in line to sign-in. At sign-in the officials gave us our racing jersey. I was white number two, which meant we were in the second qualifier slot number 2. Because we were in the qualifiers we ran before any of the televised races started. We had to win our race to get in the official trials.

Before we had to line up for the race, my parents took me out to the grass so I could relieve myself. They  wanted me to have my mind clear. I peed, but I was too anxious to concentrate on what they were asking me to do. I just walked around and sniffed a bit. So we went back inside the park and  got in line for the race. I was so excited that I was shaking and whining. My mom tried to get my attention with little pieces of bacon and my squeaky ball, but I just wanted to get out on the field and race. I knew what I had to do.

The moment was finally here. We walked out on the race track. The trumpet was played to announce the start of our race. We processed down the side of the track as the announcer gave out the names of racers. We were heading towards the racing boxes. My mom handed me to my dad who would place me in the starting box and my mom made her way back across the field to the finish line.

My dad lowered me into my slot and held me there. I looked out the glass port hole intently in anticipation of the door opening. I butted my head against it, In hopes I could get it to open early. I whined with anticipation. Then the door opened! I was one of the first out at least a head in front of the other dogs. I ran quickly through the deep racing dirt, straining every muscle to make it to the finish line first. I was almost there, when something dreadful happened. My stomach made an awful rumble! One that made me lose my focus and I slowed a bit. I heard my mom yell “Don't slow down you are almost there. Go! Go! Go!” I tried to redouble my speed but it was already too late.  I felt mired in the thick dirt of the racing track. I ran towards my mom and went after the ball she threw to help me focus past the finish line. I got the ball then went back to find my dad. But wait! There was that awful rumble in my tummy again. I stopped and did what my mom had tried to get me to do in private before the race. I poopedI pooped, in front of all those racing fans, there projected on the big screen! How embarrassing! I have to say my stomach felt much better but a little too late. For when all was said and done, I had come in third.

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