Monday, March 8, 2010


I don't want this to sound like a shameless plug. But I keep hitting my limit as to how many friend I can invite to my  Facebook page. So If you have a dachshund and a Facebook page please signed me up as a friend and don't forget to suggest me to your other friends.

I started meeting dachshunds on line because I am trying to get a walk on roll to a new movie coming out called One Lucky Dog the Movie, the more doxie friends I have the better my chances.  

It has become such fun meeting other dachshunds from around the world. Sharing my favorite picks and videos and viewing theirs. I hope you become my friend! I will try to keep my post light and funny. If you want a laugh right now you should check out some of my videos I suggest "See spot Moo!". You can also check out my other doxie friends I have some from Italy, Croatia, and Chile just to name a few. It a lot of fun seeing their pictures and what their dachshunds are into. So please friend me!  !!!!!!!!!!FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!

If you don' have a facebook page but you have a Youtube account you can also friend us at


One Boy, One Race, One Wiener.

The producers are doing a talent search for the fastest wieners in 2010.

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Producer: Patricia Gillum/ Two Boys Productions

Executive Producers: Camelot Entertainment

Camera: Jacob Stramaglia

Web Master: James Underwood

Film Editor: Staci Marie Nelson

Doggie Couture Fashion Designer: Cheryl Keninger

Music: Kevin Macleod

Special Thanks: Wienerschnitzel. Inc

(Teckel, Doxie, Dackel, Wiener, Dog, Hotdog, Sausage Dog, Weenie Dog Wiener Dog, Wiener Dog Nationals, dachshund racing,  doxie, Wiener-dog races, doxie dash)

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